Saskatoon Land Surveying/ Drone Mapping Service

If you're a local business in or around Saskatoon, we would love to show you how beneficial our Drone Mapping (Land Surveying) can be for your business. By using drones in the industry you can lower costs, limit site injuries, and get numbers you trust.

The benefits of drone mapping

In a matter of minutes a drone will capture billions of cloud control points which are used to create accurate 3D models. With this data, all details of any map will be taken into consideration to give you reliable calculations. As safety procedures continue to grow, safety is number one on the priority list. While remaining off site, drones can still capture all data needed, keeping operators from losing valuable time. By integrating the efficiency of drones into your operation, you will see lower costs while maintaining accurate calculations.


My Step-By Step Process

When conducting drone operations it is vital to perform them legally according to the regulations set by transport canada. I begin my process by getting confirmation through an operation plan. Once the operation plan is confirmed and written permission is complete, we can arrive on site and ensure a safe and successful mission.

When we finish the survey

Once the operation is complete you can expect your annotation report in either a PDF version, or exported in excel for your own management purposes. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to send an email.

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